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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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welcome back, everybody. i'm alex witt at the top of the hour, 11 a.m. here on msnbc saturday on the east coast. we have breaking news to share. joe bide sen in en is in iraq t morning on a surprise fourth of july visit. he arrived earlier today for his second visit to the country this year. mike viqueira is joining us live from the white house. mike, this was a surprise to all. what do we know about this trip? >> reporter: absolutely. it's hush-hush until moments ago when the white house announce the not only was vice president biden wheels down in iraq as we say but also with him was his wife, spouse, dr. jill biden. both of them there to visit u.s. troops for the fourth of july weekend. it so happens they're also -- there are key members of congress visiting both iraq and afghanistan this weekend.
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he's going to be meeting with them, obviously. he's going to be meeting with the leaders of iraq and the prime minister. all of this ahead of the scheduled troop drawdown. everything going relatively well and on schedule as far as the u.s. military drawdown is concerned. continuing a pace, he's -- he is. there we don't know how many days and a lot of these events, they keep it hush-hush, alex. there is a press contingent traveling with him. but they're swarn to secrecy until he arrives in country. they don't give us details about who he's meeting with and when he's meeting with them and in particular where he's meeting with them. the security situation while improved over the last couple of years is still not to the point where they can go out with trumpets blaring and tell us all these things ahead of imtime. but at any rate, vice president biden there with dr. jill biden meeting iraqi officials, meeting with u.s. members of congress who happen to be there, meeting with united nations officials who are also on the ground this weekend in iraq.
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al snechl. >> yep. you know what, mike? i'm reading a pool note here. i'm understanding also in that area, mccain, leberman and graham. looks like there are a few dignitaries over there now and to meet with iraqi officials and check in on the troops and give them a happy fourth. >> right. mike viqueira, thank . search and rescue teams are scouring washington's mount are a near as they try to solve a mountain top disappearance. they're combing the summit for a 57-year-old man, eric lewis, who was last seen on thursday. what they can't understand is why his rope line was found unclipped. let's bring in lee taylor. lee is the public information officer with mount are a near national park. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what do you know about this? i mean it's so curious. he's hiking with two other gentlemen and all of a sudden they pull up to the line to which he is supposed to be attached and he's not there. >> that was a shocking moment for them. i heard them tell the story
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yesterday. and they were ascending the mountain. they were about 400 feet below the elevation of the summit. this is very rugged terrain. they were on glaciers, clipped into a rope for their own safety. so if one of them fell, the others could, you know, protect him from the fall. and the weather was so bad that they actually could not see each other on the rope. they were separated, each of them, by a distance of 40 feet. and when the lead climber stopped and waited for the others to catch up and, you know, gradually pull in the rope as they approached, they discovered that the third and final climber was no longer there. and they had just seen him moments before. so it is a mystery. it's a very unusual to unclip from a rope at that elevation. and we don't know exactly what happened. they did immediately search for their missing climbing partner and couldn't find any sign of him. so they turned around and went back down to the high camp at
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10,000 feet and reported him missing. >> okay. leigh, the fact that you say that mr. lewis unclipped, i mean it is very clear that there's no way he could have just fallen and had some accident? i mean you would think with a 40-foot line there between the second climber and then this gentleman being the third that they would have felt it. there would have been a tug had he fallen, right? >> if he had fallen and still been on the rope, they would certainly have felt it. and it is quite clear from the -- what they saw on the rope that he had intentionally unclipped from the rope. >> okay. so i understand that what was found was a backpack and a snow cave into which he may have gone and sought some refuge. was it something that had been previously built that snow cave or something he could have built? >> this is something we believe that he built. if he had a shovel with him and you can dig basically just dig a hole into the slope and that
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serves as an infeeffective shel. what is suggested by the clues is that while he still had his pack with him, he dug a snow cave, went into that for shelter and then at some point came back out and descended about another 200 feet and then discarded the pack and some other items and then continued on. >> it is a very interesting mystery which we hope to get a few more clues from you and others. leigh taylor, thank you. >> you're welcome. let's get back to this breaking news about the vice president being in iraq. apparently it's also breaking news to us here at nbc. we have our own andrea mitchell who joins us on the phone. andrea is on the ground in iraq as well. andrea, good morning to you. >>. >> reporter: good morning, alex. i'm traveling with the vice president's party. he has arrived in iraq and he is traveling with dr. jill biden, his wife. this is her first visit. he was greeted by ambassador
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chris hill and also is meeting with congressional delegation, senators john mccain, joe leberman, and lindsey graham who are traveling in iraq as well. so a lot to discuss about iraq and afghanistan. the two are so closely related. there are 82,000 u.s. forces here. while here, the vice president will be celebrating july fourth with them. dr. biden, his wife, will also be meeting with national guard troops about to talk about the challenges of military families. something that is very personal to the bidens because their son beau served here in iraq from october 2008 to october 2009. >> andrea, this is clearly some sort of a diplomacy trip on an official level for the vice president to speak with authorities and officials over there in iraq as well as a feel good, just a, you know, let's support our troops feel for those 82,000 over there? >> reporter: he's going to be seeing troops. he's also meeting with political leaders.
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you know, there is political stalemate here. they're trying to form a new government. he'll meet with all the contenders, the rival forces, political forces of coursal maliki and alawy and the iraqi president. of course, iraq is his portfolio. the vice president has been designated by the president to be in charge of coordinating iraq policy. he meets regularly with all of the players. and as we all know, there's a lot of dispute over the staging of the drawdown, the surge in afghanistan, the pace between the two wars. so this is a key moment for him to reassess the situation on the ground. there was extraordinary secrecy associated with the travel plans. we were not allowed to say we were going. we were not allowed to say where we were at any stage. we're still not able to say until after he's left the location where exactly we are. and there's only a small number of us. there is a television pool. i'm the only tv correspondent on
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this trip. and also michael enfrom politco is on this trip. there are only two correspondents traveling with the vice president. and one reason for the security is even though things have clearly improved and there are a lot of metrics to show that, more electricity, more running water, a lot of improvement on the ground. there's been a lot of violence up north. there still is no government. and the last -- not the last time, but on one previous trip last september, the vice president was on the compound when rockets were fired at the compound. so they are very, very careful, of course, about all of his travel plans. >> yeah. well, of course. andrea mitchell, you'd be the one they tap. they always want to go for the best. you and michael en. i know you can't talk specifics. can you give us the duration of time that you're expected to be there? or is that a secret as well? >> reporter: yeah, we can't discuss how long we'll be here or where we're going to be, all of that is still secret. we can report on our broadcast as soon as events are occurred. and we'll keep you on top of all
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of it all weekend. >> we'll look forward to hearing from you over the weekend. we look forward to seeing from you wherever you are on "andrea mitchell reports" at 1:00 on week days. thank you. safe travels. thanks for phoning in. >> reporter: thank you, alex. significant developments in the gulf this morning. we reached day 75 in the disaster. bp could plug the gushing well by the end of july. in an interview with the "houston chronicle," bob dudley says if weather conditions permit, the drilling of relief well cobbs completed sooner than expected. and we're learning that two containment devices capturing oil have not been collecting as much as they could have been collecting since being put into place. bp says there's nothing wrong with the two devices and recovery totals are affected by several factors. environmental groups are calling foul on the judge who overturned a six-month ban on deep water drilling in the gulf of mem he could. they say the judge should recuse himself because of his investments in several oil and gas companies.
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and the beaches along the gulf coast are usually crowded with tourists during this fourth of july weekend. but many of those favorite independence day hot spots are looking more like ghost towns. michelle franzen is live in pensacola beach, florida. so with a good morning, michelle. last hour we saw a couple of beach goers venturing out. how about now? is there a bpickup there? >> reporter: a little bit more. the weather is calling. you have the umbrellas and the chairs out. there but still not enough tourists out here that would normally be out on a holiday weekend, especially july 4th, one of the biggest in this area in pensacola beach and all up and down the oil affected areas. you still have the beach being shared by both tourist that's are out here as well as work crews and businesses, of course. they rely on that tourism heavily for them to buy everything from t-shirts to eating at the restaurants here to taking part in the jet skis, parra sailing. when that doesn't happen, revenue is down. it's the same story up and down the coast. and in alabama, they not only
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not have the tourists, but they've got large patches of oil coming in, those winds now could the operating to day. and many businesses and tourists just hoping that people will show up. >> the idea is right now with what people can do is really support this region. show up. we will do whatever it takes to entertain them. really this whole region, more than a charity or anything, can use now the support of all the people that supported for many, many years just to continue coming down. >> i was hoping to build a sandcastle. but now thanks to all this oil, it's just not going to happen. until it's cleaned up. it's heartbreaking. heartbreaking. at first i thought it was chocolate or something. but now it's -- it's just, again, heartbreaking. >> reporter: and, again, back here in pensacola beach, crews worked very hard over the last few days to make these beaches at least appear very pristine. that's what they're known for. they're white sandy beaches. there is still a stain at the
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edge of the beach, alex. but for the most part, people can still venture into the waters here. it's just a matter of how the winds shape up of where that oil will go. >> yeah. i guess the problem is people aren't coming to pensacola in the first place for fear of the beach. you're right tashg, it's a beau picture behind you. >> much attention on that band of spies is being focused on this woman with the model good looks, anna chapman. you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. [ both screaming ]
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close to 35 million americans are leaving home for independence weekend. of those aaa estimates 90% climbing into their cars to reach their holiday destinations. they're getting help at the pump. kevin tibbles is joining us from chicago. and once again, you found the
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choice spot there right along the water of the lake. >> reporter: well, it's supposed to be 90 degrees here today. i sort of thought if the water temperature is only in the 70s, why not come on out and hang out in beautiful lake michigan on the rivera of the midwest here at oak beach -- north avenue beach. i said oak street beach which is just down there. it started to get packed. 35 million americans are traveling this weekend. 90% of them are doing it by car. folks in chicago like these guys over here -- >> oh, no! >> have decided to drive down. see that? now that -- that is called staging in the television business. >> look goods. >> reporter: and i have never staged anything before in my life. clearly this was a moderate success. but everyone out here is having fun on north avenue beach today. hopefully you're having fun where you are, too. alex? >> i'm having a great time in
11:17 am
the studio watching you do this. i have to say, kevin, it's clear you're enjoying this. how about people taking to the skies? how about the airlines? are they seeing a bump up in travel as well? >> reporter: well, they have. realistically, there is an 18% bum notary public travel all around. but only 4% of americans have taken to the skies this weekend. 90% of the people are traveling on the roads heading over to grandma's house or where have you for the hotdogs tomorrow. so that is really the significant change this weekend. and one of the reasons for that is, alex, the price of gasoline is actually quite affordable. just two years ago it was over $4 a gallon. this year it's hovering around $2.7 $2.75. aaa said people considering traveling this weekend, they're not factoring in the price of gasoline. americans think the price of gasoline is quite fair and right about where it should be right now. the other thing is that people have been so unsure about the economy for the past couple of years that they have essentially stayed home.
11:18 am
well, now with a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, in spite of what we've been hearing for the last couple days -- how about that catch? people have essentially decided to go on a trip. >> yeah. >> alex? back to you. >> excellent staging there. that was very good. you're having way too much fun. i can also give a shoutout -- >> i'm running out of -- i'm desperately running out of shtick. >> hats off to the crew. >> hats off to dave cowboy. he's the best. lots of fun today. have a good one. the case of an alleged russian spy ring is making headlines all week with much of the focus on one suspect in particular, anna chapman is get plenty of attention. it's not just because of her alleged espionage. monica, good morning. in your late environmental art, you say although there are 11 suspects, mostly we care about the hot one.
11:19 am
what is this? is it her looks that's generating all this buzz? >> i think it is. i mean i think that we would all love a russian spy who looks like a cross between scarlet johan sen and angelina jolie. there is something very appealing about a woman who fits into that steely, sexy russian model that we like. >> okay. in fact, you suggest people are treating her more like a "playboy" bunny or something than a national security threat. can you give me examples? >> well, a lot of the people that i spoke with who knew her used words like charming, attractive, appealing, when they described her. and the people who don't know her, who have only seen her presence on her facebook page or youtube videos, their comments are not talking about the things she's accused of doing. the comments are saying things like her punishment should be to go on a date with me or, you know, that's one hot russian spy. so i think that people are so enamored of her attractiveness, it's making them forget what
11:20 am
she's been accused of doing. >> the obviousagictives are underhanted, covert, that kind of thing. as we look at a chapman facebook page she had, what is the story behind that? >> reporter: you know, she had a facebook page like 400 million other people have a facebook page. the ironic thing about today in the united states is that we probably would have found her more suspect if she hadn't had a facebook page. these days it's so normal to be on a social networking site that the best way for her to fly under the radar was probably to fly over it. >> okay. how about people that have done business with her? i mean talk about those with whom she's been acquainted, maybe cocktail party socially or whatever. but those people that have worked with her. what do they say about her? >> reporter: she was an extremely driven person. she already founded a successful real estate website in russian. she was working to bring that venture over to the united states. and nearly everyone that i spoke with said that she was very
11:21 am
driven. she was ambitious. she had a lot of business savvy. one man that i spoke with said that frankly he didn't think she had time to be a spy because she was already working 24 hours a day which i thought was an interesting defense. it's the too busy for spying defense. >> we have yet to see her no court. what would she potentially face in jail? >> reporter: you know, aside from a lot of leering inmates, i'm not -- the spy punishment i heard could go up to 25 years and we'll see what the judge ultimately decides. as i understand it, she was given a few mission that's were not actually completed. so there might somebody leniency. we'll just have to wait and see. >> we will, indeed. thank you monica. >> thank you. for millions of americans, the fourth of july holiday will be a day at the beach. in just a moment, we'll bring you the new list of the best beaches in america. so stick around.
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it appeared to be $1 million in cold hard cash. police in peru found 10,000, $100 bills and realized they were counterfeit. three suspects are under arrest. the money was destined for circulation in the u.s. so before you head to the beach this summer, you're going to want to pay close attention to this. the annual best beach list is out just in time for the fourth of july hol day. joining me now from miami is stephen letterman. so let's go through the top
11:26 am
picks you have right now for us. first up, coopers beach in south hampton, new york. why did this make the top list? >> well, cooper's beach is a quintessential beach in new york. it is 300 feet wide. very safe. lifeguards. and exceptionally clean and healthy. so coopers come out on the top. >> that's great. we have another new york beach, main beach in north hampton, new york. comes as a bit of a surprise. there were two beaches right there in new york in the top five. >> well, yeah. new york is not -- people don't think of new york having great beaches. but certainly do. the whole south shore of long island is lined with barrier beaches and indeed they're all beautiful. maine beach, again, has facilities, a great environment to visit. if you go there, by the way, parking is a little priceyment i always take my bike and bike through the 20 villages of south hampton. >> i know.
11:27 am
the viewers are taking a look at waikiki beach in hawaii. but i want to talk about sayer tota, florida. this one made the list. you have the gulf oil spill. how concerned are you that these popular beaches in florida are going to be affected by this in terms of popularity? >> well, that's right. we're all concerned here in florida about the fact that people think the whole area, all of the florida beaches are soiled. that is certainly not the case n fact, there's very little oil in the beach right now. it's just in a few places hit. in fact, of the 825 miles of beaches in florida, there's only a few areas, a few miles really that have oil on them at all. but siesta beach is in sarasota. there is no way for the oil to get there. hundreds of miles away from the oil. i feel that beach is certainly good for the whole summer and probably into the fall. >> let's hope so. now i mentioned hawaii earlier. hawaii didn't make the top five. why not? >> hawaii has a lot of winners
11:28 am
in the past. indeed, they still have a couple beaches on the list. there's no question about hawaii's wonderful beaches. but you have to be careful to go to hawaii. a lot of the beaches are not safe. there are big waves, rip currents, the largest killer of people on beaches. again, beautiful beaches. for my category, they have to be suitable, you know, good swimming conditions and safe. >> okay. dr. beach from right near the beach in miami. thank you so much. >> my pleasure to be with you. in dayton, ohio, a newborn puppy is back with his mother after a very close call. the 2 week old had crawled into a drainage pipe. fireworkers spent hours trying to free that pup. it is expected to make a full recovery and might have a new home soon. we're happy to say one of the rescuers offered to adopt the puppy. way to go. here, kitty. here, kitty.
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it is msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. here are your fast five headlines. joe bide sen in baghdad on a surprise visit to the troops there. it is his second visit to iraq this year. we'll have more on that in just a moment. a day after becoming the new commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan, general david petraeus today called for a unified military and civilian effort to defeat the taliban. the man suspected of killing two police officers in tampa, florida, makes his first court appearance today. he surrendered to police yesterday after a four-day manhunt. a boat collision near the statue of liberty leaves one person dead, two others injured. witnesses say a boat struck a smaller one broadside. the driver of that larger boat was arrested. and in south korea, 12 people are dead after a bus fell off an elevated road today. 12 others on that bus are injured. and those are your fast five headlines. let's go back to the breaking news from the war zone.
11:33 am
vice president joe biden is in iraq this morning on a surprise fourth of july visit with u.s. troops. he arrived there in baghdad a bit earlier today for his second visit to the country this yearment we're going to bring in jack jacobs to talk about this. hello. >> good morning. >> so what do you think the plan is here? i know he's speaking with the troops. also iraqi officials. >> yeah, he's going to cement relationships between the americans on the one hand and the iraqis on the other. don't forget there is a disputed election there. there's going to be a change also in the command because the general who is now running iraq for the united states, he was a student of mine when i was teaching at west point 35 years ago. time flies. he's not going to be there forever, too. there will be a change. continuing drawdown in iraq in order to plus up afghanistan. so a lot of changes in iraq. and showing the flag just at this time, just after our pro
11:34 am
counsel has been fired is vitally important to do. >> all right. it is. so how much do you think the focus is with iraqi officials trying to do diplomacy work here versus fourth of july weekend with the troops? you know that the troops over there have got to appreciate having the vice president there. >> oh, yeah. it's much more the former now. i mean, yeah, they like to have anybody in the national command authority, anybody in the chain of command to come down and demonstrate solidarity with the troops. but at the end of the day, that's far less important than his mission to get iraq squared away. like i said, they get the contested election. it looks like american command is in disarray with the firing of mcchrystal. things are somewhat out of control. troops are withdrawn. this is showing the flag more than anything. >> and iraqi troop drawdown, how much is that of concern to the iraqi leadership? >> a lot. they're in an arena in which there is still sectarian violence, people getting blown up still. it is much quieter. there is always a possibility
11:35 am
that things will flair up again, first because of the sectarian violence on the one hand. second, don't forget about iran. very close to them. next door they fought a war, a ten-year war in which there are a million casualties. always dangerous. and the powers are shifting in the eastern mediterranean. there has been something of a power vacuum. who is taking it up? turkey. i mean things are -- there are big changes taking place in that part of the world. i think the united states has decided that it better start showing the flag over there, otherwise, things are going to unravel pretty quickly as we withdraw from iraq. >> okay. colonel jack jacobs. we'll see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> some encouraging news from the gulf coast this morning. 75 days after the oil spill disaster began, the newly appointed executive in charge of bp's response to the massive spill says the company might be able to plug up that gusher sooner than initially expected. nbc's charles hadlock is live in venice, louisiana. charles sh that's got to be welcomed news to the folks
11:36 am
there. how much soon rer er are we tal about? >> reporter: it certainly s bob dudley, bp's executive in charge of the cleanup, says that the relief well could be completed by the end of this month. now that's about two weeks ahead of what the coast guard has been saying. but bob dudley says that if we have good weather, no more interruptions in the weather, no more tropical storms or anything like that in the gulf of mexico that could disrupt the drilling operation that it could be completed by the end of the month. and finally that gushing well that we've been watching on television for two months will finally come to a stop. alex? >> okay. but we're talking -- it might cut it short by a couple weeks the projection? i mean any chance bp put that first production out there and then that everything now looks a lot better by association we're thinking well, they even beat the deadline. that could be a pr move. >> reporter: that's a great pr move and some people speculated that. the admiral thad allen keeps saying mid-august.
11:37 am
some oil analysts say that well, the drill bit is only 600 feet away from the target of 16,000 feet below the surface of the gulf of mexico. if they keep going at the pace they're going, they could be there in two weeks. what great news that would be. so maybe they are trying to temper it just a bit saying maybe the end of july and surprise everybody early. >> we can all use great news when it comes to this gulf oil spill on day 75. thank you, charles hadlock. an elderly couple was assaulted by a one legged panhandler in downtown cleveland. police say the two were walking on the sidewalk when the suspect lepd out of the wheelchair and began pummelling the husband and wife. the authorities arrested the assailant. the husband was bleeding from the head and the wife transported to the hospital with bruises. a tennessee man is in custody this morning after he allegedly posed as a police officer in order to drive her out of her car at gun point. police say the suspect who was found heavily armed with nine
11:38 am
guns and knives, even videotaped the incident with his own dashboard cameras. authorities arrested him after he asked his girlfriend to call for backup. this morning there's a new initiative by the department of homeland security to raise awareness about the potential terror threats just in time for the independence holiday. homeland security secretary janet napolitano unveiled a national campaign encouraging citizens to say something if they see something. here to talk about this new strategy, nbc terrorism analyst evan coleman. good morning. >> good morning. >> how much do you think this is a result of what happened on may 1st where we had a street vendor in the "new york times" area see something and then say something which then brought down faisal shahzad? >> i think we had compelling evidence about how this program could work. you have two people here in new york that could have saved hundreds of lives by identifying something that stood out of the ordinary, smoking vehicle. you also have a number of other incidents lately that have also shown how this situation can work. look at the situation at the
11:39 am
parents that came forward and told us ahead of time that he was a threat. we didn't take that seriously enough. the point is that we're trying to encourage people to step forward because the dhs can't be everywhere at every time. and we can't cover every single border crossing. we can't cover every single street corner. we need ordinary citizens to step up and that i responsibility. >> do you think this is a reminder? because the longer we go without a successful attack, the more complaisant people become and they just sort of put the concept of sayeriterrorism out their mind. >> if you go through an airplane, you'd be surprised how many bags sit there for so many minutes and nobody says anything. most of the time someone just forgot a piece of lus aggage. the point is we should be aware of what is going on. we also should be going after other things as well. i'm surprised that janet napolitano hasn't been out front about tsa, holes in tsa. i think we can't just be
11:40 am
encouraging ordinary citizens to step up. that's a last ditch solution. that's when nothing else has worked. but we also have to be looking at what happened in late december at the airports abroad and here in the united states? how did he get through security? we have to make sure that these people are stopped before they get to the target. it's good to have ordinary citizens aware, but that's a last-ditch effort. we can't put too many of our eggs in one basket. >> i'm curious what you may be hearing as you scour the internet. i know you monitor. that this being fourth of july holiday weekend, crowds gather together. many times, you know, right where they're going to be downtown main street or gathering to look at fireworks, how much does that uptick the chatter? >> we used to be very skeptical about the value or significance of individual dates. i think if you look the last several years, there does appear to be significance to particular dates, particularly when it comes todays like july fourth or 9/11, day that's have patriotic significance or national
11:41 am
significance to the united states. i'm sure al qaeda would love to attack the united states on independence day. but whether or not they're capable of doing that, we don't know. certainly it's disturbing when you see, for instance, just in the past few days an al qaeda group in yemen, the same group responsible for must tall ab releasing an english language magazine with an article "how to make a bomb in your mom's kitchen." you see something like that and think about it. if there are people already swat situated in the united states, whether they're directed by al qaeda or homegrown, july fourth is an attractive day. enjoy the hol day. i don't think we should be too afraid. just be, again, be alert. be vigilant. if you see something, then say something. >> right. okay. evan coleman, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. the head of the republican national committee is once again coming under fire. this time for comments that michael steele made about the war in afghanistan. that talks ahead. ♪
11:42 am
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a stunning new political gaffe has the chairman of rnc facing calls for resignation, even from members of his own party. michael stee. le is under fire for saying the war in afghanistan was of obama's choosing, not something the u.s. wanted to engage in. he also suggested the recent firing of the top u.s. commander there was, in his words, "comical." with republicans infuriated, steele later tried to say there is no question that america must win the war on terror. as fourth of july weekend barbecues are getting underway, the grills are not the only things heating up. the temperatures out there in new york and elsewhere could reach 95 by tomorrow. hot and humid weather is expected across the northeast entirely. so let's get the complete forecast. i'm joined now by nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> good morning. let me ask you a question. >> sure. >> you kind of already know the answer. what do you think the leading killer is for weather related, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or heat waves? >> i think heat. >> it s most people won't associate that with heat waves.
11:46 am
but every summer usually they hit. there is a famous one in chicago about a decade or so ago where we had a lot of deaths. we're hoping to avoid situations like that. so let's show what you we're dealing with out. there philadelphia, you're one of the spots. it's going to be dangerously how the. philadelphia, the sun is shining. this is your warm up day. tomorrow is when it officially will get very hot n the south, interesting. we're going to be hotter in new york, philly and d.c. than we are in areas like atlanta, hearts field. today is going to be seasonal. temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s. conditions are relatively calm. airport report nothing delays down there whatsoever. it's really going to be the mid-atlantic and southern new england that's going to see this heat wave. let me show you the fourth of july forecast. no issues for macy's. taste of chicago should be just fine for your fireworks. but minneapolis to kansas city, we're going to have to watch out for thunderstorms, possible delaying or cancelling the fireworks. hopefully we'll get them n also on and off rain possible in orlando and tampa with the afternoon storms. now for the heat wave, let's
11:47 am
start with richmond. temperatures in the 90s. sunday easily through wednesday. other locations, washington, d.c., could be the peak of the heat wave. we could see 100-degree temperatures on monday and on tuesday. no rain in sight either. the temperatures are just going to be scorching. philadelphia, how about you? look at that. tuesday and wednesday, a pair of 99s. we're not going to get out of it here in new york city, either. temperatures going to be about 97 monday through wednesday. this will hopefully, hopefully, alex, this will be the hottest week of the summer in these areas. we don't want to see it worse than this. >> it usually is the worst in july, doesn't heistory tell us that? >> july and beginning of august. anything goes as far as heat waves. this is the second big one already for these areas. a lot of people are scratching their heads. >> it's not so great. thank you so much nonetheless v a great fourth. >> you, too. >> thanks. for the latest weather advisories and the forecast where you are, head to back to the fourth of july weekend now. that means millions are going to be cooking out and hitting the beach and going shopping, too.
11:48 am
what does this mean for the economy? joining us now in studio, vera gibbons. before she takes off for the holiday weekend. >> exactly. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have a projected upti in holiday travel. >> pretty g right, 35 million americans are going to be traveling this weekend. that's up 17% from last year. a lot of people hitting the roads. that's 90% of americans going to be doing that. air fairs, people are still flying as well despite the fares are up. so we're out. there we're traveling. we are spending a little bit less. we're not letting this bad economy get in our waive having fun. >> you know, people were not flying for a while. >> the planes are packed, as you very well know. >> yeah. what about the food area? no skimping there. we have the barbecues. they get fancier as the years go on. >> this is the weekend for barbecues. over 60% or 144 million americans will be atebdiattendi cookout, hosting a cookout. 150 million hotdogs --
11:49 am
>> that's a lot. >> expected to be consumed. that's this just weekend. you have chicken, sausage, all the other stuff, macaroni salad. >> it all helps the economy. >> it all helps the economy. >> you have to add in the beer sales, too. >> right. beer sales are huge. july is the month for beer sales. this weekend is the biggest for beer overall. it beats out all of the other weekends, memorial day, labor day, even super bowl sunday with 63.4 million cases sold for the fourth. now overall, beer sales are down a little bit. the bright spot on the domestic market is craft beer, the independent beer companies, boston brewing company, see air yashgs nevada, they're seeing an uptick. people are moving away from the mass produced stuff and going for the small specialty beers. >> it may be seen as patriot toikake advantage of the fourth of july sales out there. get to the stores. >> yeah. there are a lot of great sales going on this weekend. in particular, you've got electronics on sale. you've got clothing on sale. kids stuff on sale. lap tops on sale, furniture,
11:50 am
mattresses. mattresses are on sale all the time. but yet again this weekend. if you want to get away from the heat, shop in the indoor mall. >> look for a big ticket item o item on sale. vera gibbons, thank you very much. it's going to be all hot dogs and plenty of them. we'll speak to contestants in nath nathan's championship seeing how they will try to eat out the competition. [ male announcer ] at triscuit,
11:51 am
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11:53 am
so tomorrow competitive eaters will face off for nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. but yesterday it was elephants versus humans in a contest to see who could eat the most hot dog buns n. the end the
11:54 am
pachyderms prevailed eating 41 dozen, considerably more than the men's 15 dozen buns. we are just one day away from the super bowl of competitive eating. it's the nathan's hot dog eating contest, said to have taken place every year since 1916. here with us now, competitive eaters patrick bartoletti and bob shout who will be part of the contest tomorrow. hello. >> hi. >> okay, guys. you're prepping for this thing. how are you doing it? >> i'm taking it seriously this year. i have been training with a lot of hot dogs. i have gone through 2010 in the past two and a half months. >> do you eat anything else? >> not really. >> i guess not. patrick, what are you doing? >> i love pizza. yesterday i had four pizzas for dinner in new jersey. that was my last meal. today, just liquids, pepto-bis michigan court rules pepto-bismal and milk.
11:55 am
that helps to cool things down, get me ready. >> you're the fourth-ranked competitive eater out there behind joey chestnut and the japanese guy kobayashi who is not participating? >> he had disputes. apparently he won't be there. >> with his ability to get a contract. how much does it take the pressure off you or make you say, hey, i'm in there now. >> we're fighting for second instead of third. it take as little bit off the pressure. >> fighting for second because of joey chestnut? >> granted, some miracle that i do great and he gets sick or something, that's the only way anyone's beaten him. >> that good, huh? >> yeah. >> bob, what else is out there with the competitive eating? can you travel the country, make a living doing this, going to competitions? >> yeah, patrick and i do about 25, 30 contests a year, travel around. usually one every other week or so. >> really? always hot dogs or other things, too? >> putin, hamburgers. >> pizza?
11:56 am
>> anything. >> oysters. >> we have been all over. i was in australia. i have been to canada, greece, italy, czech republic. >> in terms of making money, what do we have -- sponsorships? they love these competitions. local folks? how does it go down? >> there are sponsors like golf. whatever you do at the contest is how you are rewarded. win and you will get more than the person who finished in second or third. >> we're lucky this year. we have nathan's pepto-bismol and old navy. you have to win to make the money. that's great motivation. you have to pay for your travel. you have to win it. >> what's your favorite thing to eat in bulk? >> ice cream. >> oh, that's all right. you? >> chili spaghetti. >> oh! >> and you practice by eating a lot? >> that comes natural. >> i understand you're a vegetarian? >> after the contest, yeah. >> in quotation marks. >> oh, okay. well, in quotation marks, major
11:57 am
league in underlined. this is exciting. we won't ask you to demonstrate. we have a good idea what it looks like. it's not pretty. bob shoudt and patrick bertoletti. stay with us. we have more updates this afternoon. i'll look for you tomorrow morning. wake up with me at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. that's why roger needs the ford f-150. it's the only truck that can keep up with him. best-in-class towing and payload, and now, best-in-class residual value. course, roger would never sell his f-150, even if he had the time. anncr: hurry in now and get a built-ford-tough f-150 with 0% financing for sixty months. mike rowe: remember roger and that f-150? yeah, they're gone.
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